Welcome to the Coastal Tar Heel Carolina Club

We meet at the Calabash Sunrise Pancake Grill on Main St in Calabash.

Larry, the owner and UNC alum, always makes us feel welcome by offering special adult beverages.

We watch games, attend local events, and host special UNC events, like the new UNC student welcome party, set for the first week in August.

We are developing our civic project, which may involve doing something for women inmates who are transitioning from prison to the free world. If you have a talent or interest in this area, please contact me.

Please find our group on FaceBook and join.

I need your email contact info





Laurie Thomas

I write about constitutional economics and liberty. My favorite economist is James Buchanan. My favorite North Carolina hero is Thomas Burke, the author of the Articles of Confederation. I am regional economist, and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Regional Planning. I am the inventor and holder of a research method patent on selecting technology stocks for investment. I amthe author of eight books.and over 90 scholarly articles on the Social Science Research Network author platform, and I am currently ranked in the top 1.3% of over 348,000 economic authors, worldwide, on the SSRN platform. I also like to write about North Carolina and many of my books about North Carolina are archived in the Carolina Collection at Wilson Library at UNC. One of myr early economic research papers, written for the North Carolina Department of Labor, included the policy guidelines for creating what eventually became The North Carolina Council For Entrepreneurial Development. I learned the retail stock trade as a broker, at E. F. Hutton.